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Scholarship DIY

PROCESS: 1) Submit your application materials for one (1) or more scholarship competitions 2) Allow 72 hours to receive feedback for each scholarship application submitted 3) Take advantage of a complimentary review session of your application (s) with Dr. Callahan following feedback

*One complimentary review session per customer

** This service is available to high school, undergrad, and graduate students

Scholarship DIY
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Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment™

We will begin with a 15 minute consultation to discuss your current approach to scholarships, college plans, and the assessment process. The Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment™ will include:

  • List of 5 strategic scholarships based on your assessment results, academic record, college plans, and career goals, etc.

  • 1 round of essay review and edits on a scholarship from your personal scholarship list

  • Personalized student profile to get best results for future scholarship searches and achieve your goals

  • 25 minute wrap up session to review assessment results and build a game plan

  • Scholarship strategy tips sheet

  • 5 day turn around upon receipt of your scholarship assessment form


*Applies to any Nerdhustle Scholarship Pro package moving forward

** Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment and Nerdhustle Scholarship Pro are currently only available to high school and undergraduate students.


Nerdhustle Scholarship Pro™

Everything included in the Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment™ package, PLUS:

  • Private 4 week mentor program (meeting once a week for 1 hour) designed to give you the strategies, tools, and insider information needed to apply for current and future scholarships, and other competitive opportunities (i.e. national and study abroad scholarships, internships, research opportunities, grad school, etc.)

  • Weekly office hours & Parent check-ins

  • Time management and organization tool to prevent missing deadlines or critical details

  • 2 rounds of feedback on entire application package (e.g. Personal Statement, Academic CV, Activities, Mock Interviews, etc.)

  • Roadmap for college / university funding opportunities (e.g. reach, target, and safety scholarships)

  • Strategic planning for college success

  • And More!

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