Colored Bird Institute is a scholarship consultancy designed to help highly-motivated students of color develop a competitive edge in applying for academic and international study opportunities.

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Over $2 Billion in merit-based scholarships for high school and college students go unclaimed every year. Why?


Scholarship DIY

pick my brain?

Want to make sure your scholarship application is polished and ready for submission to increase chances for success? Stuck on an application and need guidance? Tired of applying and not seeing your hard work pay off?

I’m available to answer all your questions related to scholarships, grants, and fellowships from high school through Ph.D.

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Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment©

leverage your unique competitive edge

I’ve served on numerous scholarship committees and know exactly how applications are evaluated. Through the Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment©, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantage, and areas of opportunity to design a personalized assessment profile and strategic scholarships list.

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Nerdhustle Scholarship Pro©

get coached every step of the way

What obstacles have you overcome? What are your career aspirations and why? What are your perspectives on topic X?

What scholarship committees really are asking you is: WHY SHOULD WE GIVE YOU MONEY???

Upon completion of your Nerdhustle Scholarship Assessment©, we will create a personalized game plan and work together on a scholarship application from start to finish. I will guide you through a four week curriculum that will show you how to stand out from the competition, and grab the attention of scholarship evaluators.

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Master Classes & Speaking Engagements

for schools, educational nonprofits, community colleges, and universities

I’m excited to share my expertise with your students. I’m available to give talks on mastering the art of scholarship writing, applying to prestigious fellowships, my international study journey as an African American woman, academic excellence for first-generation college students, German-African American transatlantic history, and more!

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