Colored Bird Institute™ LLC is a scholarship coaching company designed to empower students to take ownership of their education through successfully obtaining merit-based scholarships for academic and international study opportunities.

Colored Bird Institute Wins Awesome Foundation Grant for Pop-Up Project!

Dr. Noaquia Callahan, Founder & CEO, is coming to a city near you! We are excited to bring high quality scholarship mentoring to students in and around Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Riverside, California by partnering with education institutions.

  • 30-minute insider presentation on scholarships + Q&A

  • Prevent college debt and build generational wealth

  • Available to educational programs serving high school through PhD students

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Our Services


Over $2 Billion in merit-based scholarships for high school and college students go unclaimed every year. Why?

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Scholarship DIY

get feedback on your scholarship applications

Apply for scholarships with confidence. Send us your materials, and we will make sure your scholarship application is polished and ready for submission to increase chances for success.

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Nerdhustle High School

Plan Early for College Cost

For high school students (9th - 12th grades) who need help with:

  • Finding Scholarships

  • Step-by-Step Brainstorming and Drafting Personal Statements

  • Preparing for Interviews

  • Organization, Time Management, and Planning for Future Scholarship Opportunities

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Nerdhustle Collegiate

Make earning your degree more affordable

For undergraduate, graduate, returning, and adult students who want:

  • A Strategic Game Plan for Finding the Right Funding Opportunities

  • Detailed Feedback on Personal Statements and Research Proposals

  • To Craft A Powerful CV and Compelling Cover Letters

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Educational Institutions

put students on the path to building generational wealth beginning with a debt-free college education

  • Multi-part Scholarship Application Workshops

  • Master Scholarship Classes for Parent Groups

  • College Success and Global Job Market Preparation

  • Speaking Engagements 

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Our Impact

Colored Bird Institute is launching a pilot prototype to offer individualized coaching services, progress to date: $21,000 in scholarships won, awardees 2/3 students of color, 100% success rate!

Thank you Dr. Callahan for coming to speak to us. I now have a great understanding of foreign affairs and the tangibility of scholarships. The knowledge you spoke about will surely leave a lasting impact on all those who listened.
— Miguel, 11th grader, LB Polytechnic High School