Colored Bird Institute™ is a scholarship consultancy designed to help highly motivated students of color develop a competitive edge in applying for academic and international study opportunities.

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Over $2 Billion in merit-based scholarships for high school and college students go unclaimed every year. Why?

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Scholarship DIY (now available)

get feedback on your scholarship applications

Apply for scholarships with confidence. Send us your materials, and we will make sure your scholarship application is polished and ready for submission to increase chances for success.

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Nerdhustle High School

Plan Early for College Cost

For high school students (9th - 12th grades) who need help with:

  • Finding Scholarships

  • Step-by-Step Brainstorming and Drafting Personal Statements

  • Preparing for Interviews

  • Organization, Time Management, and Planning for Future Scholarship Opportunities

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Nerdhustle Collegiate

Make earning your degree more affordable

For undergraduate and master’s students who want:

  • A Strategic Game Plan for Finding the Right Funding Opportunities

  • Detailed Feedback on Personal Statements and Research Proposals

  • Guidance on Crafting A Powerful CV and Cover Letters

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Workshop Series, Master Classes & Speaking Engagements (now available)

for education outreach organizations, nonprofits, secondary schools, public libraries, community colleges, and universities

I’m excited to share my expertise on a range of topics with organizations that are committed to the academic and personal success of students of color. 

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